Atlas Unplugged

No, I still can't write meaningless lyrics. That's not to say I can do deep and meaningful, but I do seem to think in connected sentences.

Looks like I'm booked up with political stuff over Friday and the weekend. But who knows, maybe I'll get around to recording and submitting this one.

The deadline's next Thursday, and the title to write to is "Cost of Living".

Verse 1:
So you
Buy a new home, a
Place for your stuff, 'cos the
One that you grew up in
Somehow it's just not enough

And you
Buy a new car, just to
Sit at the wheel
Got nowhere to go to
Just love the chrome and steel

Want more, 'cos
Need is the drug

Verse 2:
Then you
Get a new job, 'cos you
Want to fit in
Take a new direction, and
Offset the cost of living

Why play truth when you can play dare?
Why you playing chicken if you say you don't care?
Have you forgotten?

Why tell lies when you don't know the truth? You
Only take their money when you can't take their youth
Have you forgotten?

1 comment:

  1. On a very long flight, I was hit by inspiration and had a great tune in my head. I was determined to write lyrics to go with tune, and I was sure it was going to be a hit!

    Then I fell asleep, woke up, and completely forgot about it until a few days then the inspired tune was forgotten! D'oh! Wish I had a recorder at the time.

    Break a leg with the song entry!