It's Cold Outside

Song done, more or less. Provisional

Kapitano - Frostbite (Provisional Version)

It's really a test-of-concept piece, rather than a serious attempt at a song. The concepts in question being:

  • Can I do a reasonable imitation of turntable scratching without going anywhere near a turntable?
  • For rapid vocals a la Dieter Meier, can I record at half speed, then time compress them?
  • Can I use (self made) drumloops?
  • Just how deep into the 80s can I go? :-)

What do you think? Does it sound like I've got a personal scratch DJ imprisoned in the basement? Would you pay good money to never hear a vocal like this again? Do the lo-fi elements add anything good?

Is it overcompressed? Not compressed enough? Anything need changing mixwise? Anything in particular that doesn't work?

Let me know.


  1. Generally I liked it. The scratching (sans turntable) was good - the very beginning excellent. The double time vocals - if they had clarity - would work, and the chorus rocked ... Okay, so it didn't rock, it housed or whatever. I liked it anyway.

    You're always very reticent to have your vocals heard. Don't be!

  2. It sounds good! It does sound very 80s.