Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Things that are useful when you've scalded three fingers of your right hand:

  • Your left hand

  • Cold running water

  • A large jug to periodically fill with cold water

  • A large supply of burn lotion

  • A supply of paper towels to improvise temporary finger bandages

  • Selotape to hold them together

  • A small pair of scissors

  • A box of disposable surgical gloves, which can hold the improvised bandages in place

  • A mother who suggests this temporary procedure

Things that are not useful:

  • Plasters that require two hands, teeth and possibly a hammer to get out of the packaging

  • A father who breezily tells a cheerful anecdote about how you burned your hand when you were five

  • Your small collection of first aid certificates, because somehow first aid courses only teach you how to fix up other people

Things to remember:

  • It's a bad idea to cook when you're drunk


  1. Ouch.

    Get well soon.

    And might I suggest some baking soda paste--mix some baking soda and water til they resemble a paste and apply it to your burnt fingers. Leave it on for a few hours and reapply a new paste if the pain returns. It helps to soothe the burns.

    And try some aloe afterwards to promote healing. And take some Tylenol or pain reliever.

  2. This isn't really a comment on your post and more about bitching about the American health system.

    I loved the Thermazene that I was given when I got burned. It was soothing and cooling. Although my tuition covered the doctor's visit, I had to pay out of pocket for the ointment. That crap cost me $90 for a tube that's about as big as a travel sized tube of toothpaste.

  3. @Eroswings:

    Baking soda on burns? Never heard of that one before - but if it works, great.

    Probably quicker than my own solution - three solid hours with my hand in cold water, followed by 36 hours hand wrapped up. I'm fine now though - just a slight "hot" tingling.


    Thanks, my fingers are quite recovered enough now to type this.

    The voice in the back of my head reminding me how idiotic I was to get burned isn't so happy.


    It's a familiar story. The country with the best and fastest advancing medical technology...is one which doesn't want to use it. It's actually one reason I don't want to be employed over there.

    From what I read about the health care reform bill, it's gone from "medicare for all" to "forced insurance for everyone".

  4. Happy New Year, Kapi (and Kapilets household)!!!


    Hope you're feeling better.
    Best wishes for a wonderful, fun New Year. Stay warm and cozy.