Head, Blow and Swallow

I know where all these headaches have been coming from.

The fan heater that's been blowing lovely hot air at me while it's freezing cold and snowing outside was emitting fumes, and poisoning me.

I'm not sure whether swallowing the 1000mg of ibuprofen it took to stop my temples throbbing constitutes a different poisoning.

So now I have a choice.

(1) Be especially nice to my parents so they'll let me borrow their non-toxic heater all the time.

(2) Get the old one back and keep a large box of co-codomols handy.

(3) Run around the room every few minutes to keep warm.

(4) Train the dogs to wrap themselves around me.

(5) Spend GBP20 on a new convection heater.


  1. I think you are a perfect candidate to buy a snugggie. Youtube it if the commercials haven't hit your shores by now.

  2. Brilliant. Someone's reinvented the cassock, and is selling them with a free clip-on book light.

    Either that or they've looked at a hospital gown and thought..."Hmm, let's do a warm version of that. In red".

    I already have a wearable blanket, and it can even be tied, and at the front too. It's a dressing gown.

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Am electric blanket might be a low cost alternative. Maybe a thermal blanket or sleeping bag might be another alternative. I'm wary space heaters because they're a fire hazard and they're costly on the electric bill. But until you make up your mind, wear a beanie hat to bed. That helps reduce heat loss.

  4. Correction: An electric blanket might be a low cost alternative.

    Space heaters and central heating makes my skin dry and itchy.