The idea behind February Album Writing Month is to write and record fourteen songs in twenty eight days.

I don't imagine I've got a hope in hell of doing it, but I'm going to try.

The KLF, before they started work on their White Room album, wrote down the first ten song titles which came to mind...and then wrote the songs to the titles.

I'm thinking vaguely of doing something similar, with fourteen titles which I'll try to write around. With the little twist that each title is a pun. Here's the list.

Hooked on Sonics
Queen of Diva
Second Slumming
Freaks Bearing Gifts
Beautiful Sting
In the Realm of Defences
Oedipus Rocks
Pump up the Scam
Shock da House
Birth and Debt
Captain Beefcake
Weapon of Crass Distraction
The Beatless and the Stoned

And here's some that didn't make it.

History Defeats itself
Alice Threw the Looking Glass
Woman on the Surge of a Pervert Shakedown
Fool Britannia
Battery will Get You Everywhere
The Shite Album
Last Night a DJ Raved This Dive

So now, at 00:01 Sunday February the first, 2009, I start from nothing and see what I can do.

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  1. I like the Beatless and the Stoned! You've got some really creative titles. I hope the muses come visiting for a jam session!

    As for Hooked on Sonics, who doesn't enjoy eating burgers, fries, and a milkshake at a rollerskates fast food place?