FAWM 2009: Lyrics 3

Usually I come up with the chorus quite quickly, then struggle and slog with the verses. This time the verses came easily...and I couldn't think of a chorus at all.

This one's called "Photograph".

There's a photo
In your pocket
Of your wife and two kids

But I've seen it
There's another
And you keep it well hid

You are always
And you never explain

There are rumours
At the office
Tell me what is his name?

Do you hold him
Does he kiss you
Do you have your own song?

Does she know him
Are they friendly
How long's it been going on?

Is he open
Say he loves you
Does he have a wife too

See I'm asking
All these questions
'Cos i want to do the same thing as you

Apart from the final one, all the stanzas have exactly the same intonation and rhythm. But listening to other people's stuff, they just don't bother.

The chord sequence is generally the same between verses, and the notes more-or-less. But the rhythm varies all over the place, and it doesn't seem to matter.

So if it doesn't matter that much to them, and what they make is good, there's no reason for me to wrench around the words and syntax to make a curate's egg of identical repeated patterns.

Even if it does offend my sense of order.