Shoot That Poison Arrow

Valentine's day has a special meaning for me.

My last major relationship ended explosively twelve years ago - at 2am, Feb 14th.

Valentine's day is supposed to be a day for love - or rather romance, which isn't the same thing. Christmas is supposed to be a time for happiness and goodwill, and Easter is...a time for chocolate. All good things to have.

Specifically, good things to have all year round. If someone only shows goodwill at christmas, you probably wouldn't describe them as an admirable person - more likely as a hypocrite. Which makes me think the more a society extols the "special mood" of a season or event, the more likely it is it doesn't give a flying toss about the same mood the rest of the year.

If someone were romantic to me on Valentine's day, I'd find myself asking, "Are they a romantic person who's being extra romantic on this day because they like the day's sentiment...or are they only romantic once a year?"

But then, I'm an incurable cynic.

And as everyone knows, cynics are really romantics.

Incidentally, shouldn't a heart with an arrow through it be a symbol of heartbreak?


  1. It's hard to be perfect but I suppose you make more of an effort on those days.

    Valentine's Day is also a day for chocolate. And you have better luck of getting real stuff. Easter chocolate is that cheap produced-by-the-ton chocolate. Those poor kids who get Palmer--probably going end up with irritable bowel syndrome.

  2. Romance is a false concept invented to sell roses, jewellery and various other expensive trinkets.

    Reality is having your insignificant other spend the entire day helping his buddy fix a truck.

    Oddly enough, I was actually listening to the Lexicon of Love this afternoon...

  3. David:
    Odd how chocolate is
    (1) the traditional gift from a lover
    (2) the traditional consolation for not having a lover

    TardisGirl:'re a Dr Who fan, a cynic, and a fan of 80s synthpop? Oh my word.

    If you were a man I'd marry you.

    (After suitable wooing with chocolates, of course)

  4. A heart with an arrow through it is the sign of a very good archer.