FAWM 2009: Lyrics 2

Tom Tom Club were a spin-off from Talking Heads. It came about because two of the members considered they were getting too precious in songwriting about the complex meanings of lyrics. Essentially they found they were having to write poetry when then wanted to write songs.

So they created a side project, where they could just let the words come easily and not worry about being deep.

Well, after spending today struggling with two half finished songs, I thought I should do a Tom Tom Club, and stop being quite so up myself, in the interests of actually getting something done.

And this is the result. Working title: Celebrity

Verse 1:
Picture yourself
---On a magazine
Picture it now
---On the silver screen
How does it feel
---You're at number one
Top of the charts
---Loved by everyone
Who's on your arm
---When the cameras flash
What do you wear
---At the latest bash
Glitter and glam
---Party premiere
Champaign on ice
---People stop and stare

Chorus 1:
Hello goodbye you're
Last weeks rising
Star, but now your
Off the radar

Hello goodbye you're
This weeks one to
Watch until you're
Not so hot

Verse 2:
Interview time
---Drunk on live TV
Cameo roles
---Straight to DVD
Scandal and sleaze
---Marriage on the rocks
Pictures inside
---Secret lover shock
Out of control
---Back in therapy
Take any deal
Picture yourself
---Can you walk away
Picture it now
---That was yesterday

Chorus 2:
Hello goodbye, you're
Last year's hot young
Thing, and now the
Phone ain't ringing

Hello goodbye you're
My new hottest
Tip till ratings
Start to dip


  1. Very good! *doffs hat* And much better than our effort that doesn't seem to be going anywhere ... fast. :(

  2. Thank you sir.

    Good to know you're aboard too. I'll look you up.

  3. I luv how you worked in Scientology in the lyrics...Now Tom Cruise is coming over to jump up and down the couch...or most likely, on you!

    P.S. I luv that Tom Tom Club hit, Genius of Love!

  4. Tom Cruise lying on me, hmm. The thought is appealing and disturbing at the same time. He's a bit hot, but also a bit whacked out.

    The "Scientology" line was going to be "Plastic Surgery", but I couldn't resist. Must be the thetans in me.

    I'll have to dig out those old Tom Tom Club albums. Maybe they'll teach me how tow write without worrying.