Nothing for Ages...

...then three come at once. Not busses; computer crashes. One slowed to a crawl, one just refused to run some programs, and one was working perfectly but was long overdue for software upgrade. Now the first is barely stable after two complete XP reinstalls, the second resets whenever USB devices are connected...and the one that had nothing wrong with it has been locking up with increasing frequency, till now it's every five minutes.

Mother and me have spent the entire day yelling at computers. I'm about to start again.

I found someone on Friends Reunited - someone I haven't seen since I was 10 years old. It's one thing to relive glory days of youth through the internet, but prepuberty is going a bit far. His name is Grant, and we're exchanging emails.

Most old friends on the site have become decidedly boring in the years since I knew them. The singing out-gay politico is married with children. The DJ is an electrician. The ballet dancer is now an accountant, for christ's sake. But Grant has turned out rather well - "a drifter and a dreamer" as he puts it.

Mother's latest techno-toy is rather nice. It's a USB DAB radio - the size of two matchboxes and powered by your computer. There's no speakers - the sound goes through the USB port too, so you either listen through your laptop's speakers, or record direct to MP3 or AAC.

I've got a pair of speakers powered by USB port. So I could pipe the radio in through one port, through the laptop, and out the other. Or would that just be silly, when there's a DAB radio with it's own speakers, sitting on the floor?


  1. A drifter and a dreamer? Is that another way to say unemployed? :)

    I still keep in touch with friends I've known since I was 5-6 years old. And luckily, not a one is boring.

  2. Actually I'm the unemployed one - he designs web pages.

    I generally get a new set of friends every 2 years or so.

    No one in your life has started out interesting and gone boring? Either you don't know any normal people, or Canada really is a different planet.

  3. I should clarify. The ones I STAYED friends with didn't get boring.

    What do you do with old sets?