Last night, Simon and Jeremy, the M brothers, took me out for a restrained Saturday night pub crawl. And they presented me with a lovingly giftwrapped late birthday present for the blog - The 2005 Unauthorised McFly Annual.

It's so unauthorised, the four members of the boyband give interviews on what kind of girls they like, and pose for a load of glossy photos, looking like the loveliest cuddliest little puppydogs in the whole wide world.

All just right for 15 year old girls and paedophilles of all ages. In fact, anyone who fantasises about having group sex with Tom, Harry, Danny and Dougie, but wouldn't actually want to talk with them.

My promise to avoid fast food weakened with amazing ease. I got chicken and chips, and ate them at 0100 in the park, sharing the chicken with a cat that adopted me for the meal.

Then, drunk and guilty on the way home, I found a rather nice burgundy fleece in the gutter, half covered with autumn leaves and rain. It's logoed with "Bell's Scottish Football League", and fits me rather well.

You find all sorts of things on the pavements of Portsmouth after midnight - people without possessions and possessions without people. A few months ago I found a shoulderbag full of tools - hammer, file, spirit level, tape measure, spanners and a lot of nails and wallplugs.

Today, Dino got to meet his "ladyfriend" Millie. Who is a 100% thoroughbred bitch. As well as a total dog.

It seems he'll spend a few days with the breeder (a human lady called Sandra), and several of his family members.

There was a forum tonight on China - will it be the next world superpower, when, and with what effect? We reached no particular conclusions, except that the current occupations in the middle east are less to do with securing American oil supplies than a failed attempt to surround and isolate China. That, and a Chinese empire would be more likely economic than military.

Rox and Tom were there, sitting together and asking smart questions, having got over their breakup like sensible adults, and settled down to being good friends. Odd how many unhappy relationships turn into happy friendships when then break down.

With Joe, we went for the now traditional post-forum drink and eat, with me trying to be virtuously teetotal and vegetarian with plain coke and meatless kebab.

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