Okay, I've got a cold and I'm sleeping 18 hours a day. CW has something much worse - gastroenteritis or salmonella - and can't sleep at all.

I've just got off the phone to him, spending 35 minutes comparing symptoms and cheering each other up. He's sitting up in bed wearing arabian style pyjamas (complete with fez) and cuddling a stuffed toy camel, watching really low budget horror movies.

It would be quite useless (and infectious) to be there with him, but I do miss having him in the same room.

I've set up a small parallel blog to this one, just to keep track of my lyrics and music notes. Given my computer's habit of crashing and losing data (I've lost my back catalogue several times), and the drudge of trawling through this blog to find songs, I think the best place to store this kind of thing is online.

Those parts of my life which don't rhyme will stay here, of course.

So much to do. Reinstall Windows (again) on this laptop - probably 2000 this time. Check out the latest version of Cubase. Resume cataloguing the net's free VSTs. See if I can find out about science A-Levels. Get familliar with Nuendo's rather unhelpful system of drum programming. Read some more synthedit. Check that my bedroom floor is still there under the piles of stuff. And put most of the stuff in big black plastic bags.

Unfortunately I don't have the strength for any of it. Bedtime again. Even though I've spent the last month sleeping on top of a pile of clothes that won't fit anywhere else. 'Night.

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