I have to be awake at 0500 on Saturday. I usually am awake then, but this time I need to be asleep beforehand, which is the tricky part. Though I've no doubt there will be much snoozing on the coach.

If dear darling Richard L decides to liven our spirits by wailing jolly songs and strumming that dratted guitar, I shall be forced to do something he'll regret.

So, things I'll need:
* A big sealed plastic pot of precooked pasta, to munch at intervals.
* A big sealed plastic bottle of water, to be consumed similarly.
* A fork
* An mp3 player full of varied music
* A spare battery for it
* And headphones
* Possibly an unchallenging paperback that I can read for hours.
* Something to be sick into, just in case
* Another one for someone else to be sick into, just in case
* Tissues
* Headache pills
* A bag to put it all in

I have Windows 2000 working perfectly, a meticulously partitioned and defragmented hard drive, and all the software I need installed and set up the way I want it. All except the MIDI sequencing software, which, when I try to install it, tells me it'll only work in Windows XP.

So, Sunday will be spent uprooting everything I've spent the last week getting to work just right, installing Windows Bloody XP, and starting again.

Excuse me while I feel moderately irritated.

I still don't know why turning forces are called moments. But I do know that Work = Force x Distance, and I think I've got the difference between Joules and Watts sorted out.


  1. Ha! Hahahahaha! *snort*
    I appreciate the 'moderately irritated' I'd be stomping and screaming fir to bust. I assume it's 'cause you want to use Nuendo. But there are lots of other bit's of software that work on 2000, and don't you have several computers?

    All the best for Manchester, and erm ... have fun???

  2. I have Cubase SX4, which is essentially a cut down version of Nuendo - and a million miles away from the Cubase I used to know. It works under 2000 and XP, but sometimes crashes under 2000.

    I have Sonar 4, which does the job under 2000, but it's clunky. Sonar 5 is supposed to be a lot easier to use, but I haven't been able to upgrade.

    Actually, Nuendo 2.1 works under 2000 quite happily, but it doesn't have the "Track Freeze" (convert to WAV) options that I need if I'm to use lots of VSTs. It's really software to control and integrate a lot of hardware synths. Version 3 has track freeze, but will only install under XP.

    I have two computers that are "mine and mine alone" - the others are used by several people for various tasks.

    The tower is faster and more reliable than the laptop, and it has the fancy soundcard, so I want to use the tower for music. The laptop is for net work, coursework, and trying out VSTs and applications before I put them on the tower.

    I'm back from Manchester. Getting there and back was the most unpleasant slog, but the demo had a good vibe. When I'm less exhausted, I'll write whatever I can remember about it.