The Charity Business

Friday January 20th. Afternoon.

Another interview, another charity, another complementary glass of tea with three sugar cubes served with the daintiest stirring spoon in the world. And another complete waste of time. Though this time they sort of had a point.

"Hand-in-Hand" are looking forward to the end of the syrian war, and to a projected 20 year rebuilding process, which will require trained electricians, plumbers and builders - but, they say, not IT experts or english speakers.

At least that's their story. The rather literal word on the street is, they're a bunch of thieves who help no one. Either way, the tea was good, the personnel pleasant, the office plush, and the whole thing a wild goose chase.

And so, a small break to watch Turkish TV cover the inauguration of Donald Trump as POTUS. Or rather, to watch a retrospective of Barack Obama's failure to do anything to stop the syrian war, and coverage of angry protesters calling Trump a fascist.

So far as I can see, Trump himself is a useful idiot, backed by christian reconstructionists, dominionists, climate change deniers, vaccine deniers, AIDS deniers, sex-phobes, gun fondlers and end-of-the-world fantasisers. Useless idiots, in other words.

Except the usefulness of idiots lies in the constancy of control. And with all those controllers, each trying to monopolise the same 30-second attention's someone who can declare war over a twitter spat, and then forget they've done it.

Children who've seen their house on fire...can still be shy in front of the camera.

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