Nth World Problems

Saturday January 21st. Afternoon.

Some oddities of living like this:

Imagine you're a 15 year old girl or boy. You're living in a single tent with parents, grandparents, and siblings. How do you masturbate?

This is a culture simultaneously obsessed with and terrified of sex. One man's question on first meeting me was "How many women have you had sex with?". Another wanted to know "Do girls masturbate too?". A third advised me "Never talk about your private life."

We have our hypocrisies, they have theirs.

So, you're 15, physically fit and healthy because of all the exercise and organic food, full of surging hormones, and probably bored quite a lot of the time. Where do you wank?

Well, you're surrounded by rolling fields and countryside as far as the eye can see. So that's where you go. The most private place for the most private acts...is the most public place. Except without any public.

The other things people do with their normally covered body parts. You can (a) join the orderly queue for the single official toilet. Or (b) schedule your leakage and dumpage for when most other people are asleep, braving the late night cold. Or (c) ... take a walk into those rolling hills I mentioned.

I'm privileged, so I've got an option (d) - when your business takes you into town, use the facilities of cafes, houses of friends, and offices of clients. Which requires its own form of scheduling.
The view from my tent. Rolling countryside, or infertile fields given because no one else wants them. You can decide.

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