Quiet Day

Saturday January 21st.

I appear to be having a day off. The thing about holidays is, if you don't know in advance that you're having them, they're just days with unexpectedly nothing to do.

I count 18 open access wifi points available to this laptop - all of them too weak to connect to. On the one hand, the "developing" world can jump from no-tech to high-tech very rapidly, because it takes the "first" world decades to painfully get there, and when they've done it, we here in the "global south" can just pick up the finished product.

That's why this tent, up a mountain with the most basic sanitation, has a satellite dish outside, and plasma TV inside, next to the water cooler, fan, iron and hot plate - implying a constant, reliable and plentiful electricity supply.

But...the TV signal breaks up all the time, the tea is hot but all the meals are cold, and wifi is more trouble that it's worth. Which is why I'm writing this in the expectation that I'll be able to post it...at some point in the future.

My marxist friends call this "combined and uneven development", showcasing their habit of taking terms coined by Lenin or Trotsky a century ago, and translating them literally from the Russian. Hence "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" and "Permanant Revolution" - both terms meaning something different from what you'd expect in English.
Referred to, half jokingly, as a "Gadaffi Tent".

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