Water, Water, Everywhere

Monday, January 16th.

A trip to a waterfall, for myself, my host and friend Jamal, and the unfeasibly sexy Mustafa.

This particular waterfall was (a) a tourist attraction (b) in the dark because the we got there late, and (c) about half a meter high. Not quite what I was expecting, but there was a resteraunt attached. A part of it ankle deep in water. Deliberately and on purpose.

It seems that, in the height of summer, some people like to drink their coffee sitting at tables placed in the path of an artificial stream, with bare feet cooled in naturally cold, running water.

There was also...a duck pond. That peculiar english tradition of taking bread to the pond to feed to ducks? Turks have it too.

Taking Turkish Tea at Ten, we proceeded to have The Conversation About Religion, which in abbreviated form goes like this:

Theist: Why don't you believe in god?
Atheist: Because there's no reason to.
Theist: But who made the universe?
Atheist: You've given a name to a cause you can't define. Is that an explanation?
Theist: I guess not.

The Unfeasibly Sexy Mustafa. I finally get him alone. In the dark. And, er, next to a duck pond.

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