The Big Four-Five

Tuesday, January 17th, Morning

How do you celebrate your forty fifth birthday? I went to an interview which was both highly important and deeply pointless, got the most amazing indigestion from too much /kaabsa/, played agony uncle...and had bits start to break off one of my molars. So, in all, a full day.

Now, I am, at least on paper, self employed. My friend and host Jamal has set up a Turkish company which teaches english, runs courses in IT and "people skills"...

So, his general purpose company employs my company. There's a Turkish charity, run by a Jordanian businessman, taking care of Syrian refugees. And this charity needs to be ratified by, er, someone. Seemingly "The U.N.". And to be ratified, it needs to offer a range of services. So it subcontracts the promise of future services to my host's company, which subcontracts the English-teaching and knowing-about-IT parts to my company, who is me.

And my role in the negotiations to enable the promise of future education to Syrian refugees and thus enable ratification and open up legal channels of to dress in extremely uncomfortable and overheated formal clothes, and sit in someone else's over-plush office, as evidence that english-teaching can indeed occur. Because they've got a real live english english teacher.

Yes, it's nice to have a purpose in life.

Paperwork is being put in motion, options are being considered, alternatives are being weighed, passive voices are being used...and in a few days results will be made clear. Or at least less unclear.

The sanitation facilities at the camp. And yes, those are roosters. So...cocks on display in the toilet.

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