Shikidim, Shikidim

I'm off for a working holiday in Turkey. Provisionally a week or so, but flexible durationwise. Internet access probably expensive, so I'll note and/or photograph anything vaguely interesting, and post it when I get back.

The parents are convinced everything "east" is wall-to-wall suicide bombers and fanatical mullahs. I'm more concerned about drunken british tourists and obnoxious american ones.

So, a frantic haze of small preparations and bureaucratic nonsense, then some hours of waiting with nothing to do, then a series of unpleasant slow journeys to the coach station, the airport, the departure lounge, and the destination country main airport, where you sit for some more hours with nothing to do. Then another unpleasant flight to the destination city airport ... and the hotel. Where you sleep it all off for 12 hours. The trouble with going places is ... you have to travel to get there.

Be seeing you.

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  1. Have a safe and wonderful trip! I hope you get to see some great sites and eat some great food! Be safe and well!