Wise Wednesday - 11


  1. Love the first one. "Headless blunder" is the perfect description of my boss.

  2. @THG: Grossly incompetent bosses can be useful - because they can be steered to some extent, and when they're out of control, they can often be bypassed, just by selectively interpreting and following their instructions.

    No. A manager who doesn't know how to manage, or one who doesn't know what they're managing - these are the managers under who businesses work. 'Cos they're not in the loop.

    Right now, I'm working for Miss Superefficient 2010 which...does have its upsides. Mainly that when she screws up, everyone knows it's her that's screwed up, and not us.

    @Aethelread: I love Rachel Maddow.

    Hands off bitch, she's MINE!


  3. not all who wander are lost

    Lord of the Rings

    Hear! Hear!

    Some of us are on an adventure!