Freezeframe Friday - Politics Edition


  1. See? That's why England was knocked out of the World Cup. You asked McCain's people to pray for you...if their prayers didn't work for McCain, then it surely wouldn't have worked for England...

    Meanwhile, I'm so happy that Germany wiped the floor with Argentina! I can't stand that Argentinian jackass, loud mouth coach! Ha! In his face! Ha!

  2. Actually I didn't know England got knocked out...until I heard Keith Olbermann mention it as an aside.

    I'm relieved we did get knocked out though. If we'd won, the drunken trumphalism would have been deafening.

    And seeing as the last England win was 1966 - and even I know about it - people wouldn't stop vicariously congratulating themselves on it for decades

    And I'm blissfully unaware of the Argentinian coach. But In my limited experience, coaches generally are jackasses.