Au Revoir Les Enfants

My two week course lasted four days.

It seems the agency which funnels students to the school has finally realised how pointless it is to have French pre-teens with maybe a hundred words of English taught by an Englishman with maybe a hundred words of French.

If only they'd realised this a week later, they wouldn't have to renegotiate half the student contracts, send half of them home early...and leave me with half the promised wages.

I may have mentioned this is the most disorganised school I've ever encountered. Still, I think I picked up more French than they picked up English. These from the last day:

Dites moi en anglais.

Je suis trop gros pour la danse.

Pourquoi dites-vous qu'elle est un travesti?


  1. In re the situation with the school... C’est vraiment des conneries!

  2. C'est BUMMER!!! (good in most languages).

    So sorry for you. Still, fatuous though it sounds, have faith in yourself. By the laws of probability Something really good has to happen soon.


  3. Well, at least you had an interesting teaching experience with French pre teens. Soon, they'll start wearing berets and smoking cigarettes and complain about tourists while sipping overpriced, crappy tasting coffee at sidewalk cafes.

  4. Merci à tous, pour vos commentaires aimables.

    Le Blogge de Kapitaneau n'a jamais été aussi européenne.