School's Doubt for Summer

  • Discover a hitherto unknown English school, five minutes walk from my home, run from someone's basement. And it urgently needs a teacher.

  • Phone them up, get promised they'll arrange and interview later in the day.

  • Get called three hours later to say...can you come in on Monday.

  • Go to the interview, get told a lot of nebulous stuff about how the school works. Short version: Keep a dozen fourteen year old's occupied for four hours a day - plus whatever's needed.

  • The age and nationality of the children is to be confirmed. And so's their level of ability, if any, in English.

  • They'll let me know on Tuesday whether they need me, but seeing as there's no other applicants, they should.

  • Nothing.

  • Phone the school.

  • Listen to a whispered conversation between two collegues about how a third collegue's not there and hasn't done their job, plus some stuff about the other applicant.

  • Get told they'll phone on Thursday.

  • Mention the other applicant. Get told there isn't one.

I have a rule. Tell me the truth and give me respect, and I'll do everything I can to help you. Bullshit me, and I owe you nothing, least of all loyalty.

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  1. Great rule.

    Unless you work on a roundabout, you should be run around in circles.