A Bit on the Side

A while ago I had a sideblog. Actually I had two.

One was a feed from Twitter, which I used for posting pithy comments and insights. I ran out of pith after about 300 posts. The other was from Delicious - a so-called "social bookmarking" system where you find interesting websites, and build up a library of them with your comments, swapping them with other users of Delicious...and sticking the latest ones on a sidebar of your blog.

Well now I'm experimenting with Tumblr, which can do both the above, and more. It's a system for miniblogging, also known as microblogging, also known as tumbleblogging, also known as...keeping a blog with very short posts.

My Tumblr site is here, but it's only there so I can feed it here - just over to the top right of this blog.

So with any luck, stand by for an irregular stream of quoteable quotes, rippable wits, clickable links, risable pics and maybe even occasionally something useful.

One peculier particular: It's quicker to post something to my sideblog by emailing it to my Tumblr blog than to log on to the Tumblr site.


  1. I visit a number of Tumblr photo blogs.

    Unfortunately, they don't generally offer a space to comment but then I suppose that would defeat the purpose.

  2. I can barely keep up with blogging. There are only so many hours in the day...

  3. Tumblr is actually a complete blogging system and pretty good too ... but there has to be a point to a blog, or any social networking for that matter. So what if my tweets can magically appear on my wall in Facebook, and in a sidebar on blogger, if what I have to say is vapid twonk?

    I have far too many blogs: they're so easy to get! So I sign up like an idjit and then find I have nowt of consequence to say. Entirely my bad.

  4. @MJ: If anyone felt the need to comment on me writing a single paragraph about a youtube channel I'd found, I'd wonder why they couldn't find anything more worthwhile to spend two minutes on.

    @Eroswings: So few hours, yet so many of them spent doing nothing. Sometime's the nothing is called a "Career".

    @Nick: Yes, Tumblr seems pretty powerful - much more capable than I need, because all I need (at the moment anyway) is a way to get links, quotes and ideas in a sidebar. For no good reason, Blogger doesn't offer that.

    As for vapid twonkery...well that's most blogs, I think? Partly because, once you have a blog, you're suddenly required to find content to put on it, and if you only make good content once a month, you fill up the rest with noncontent.

    But I think a sidebar is a good place for the transient and the trivial, as well as the short.

    No way am I going on Facebook though. My standards may be low as a nuclear bunker, but I do have them sometimes.

  5. No way am I going on Facebook though. My standards may be low as a nuclear bunker, but I do have them sometimes.

    It seems to be expected that if you're social networking - trying to get a band/product/whatever off the ground - you have to be on bloody Facebook and MySpace and whatever new 'goody' has arrived. And if not why not ... oh, and don't you have an iPad app?

    It's almost impossible to keep up (with the Jones').

    BTW, I wasn't in any way inferring you produce vapid twonk. And your standards entertainingly rawk! ;)