Now Then, Children

My first day of being a teacher. Indeed, of being a teaching school.

Student 1 is not answering his phone.

Student 2 is an adjunct of student 1, and doesn't have his own phone.

Student 3 is somehow both too ill to come to lessons, and too busy doing other things - but not too ill to do them.

Student 4 has postponed.

I still don't have a name for my peripatetic school. I'm thinking "Logopolis" - partly because it means "City of Words", but mostly because it's an old Doctor Who story.

Failing that, "The Queen's English Academy" might be appropriate. You think?

There's "Sifr", an Arabic word from which we get both "Cypher" and "Zero" - the former being vaguely language related and the latter, well, nevermind.

I've got a contract all written up - for legal and accounting purposes. Odd how people are up for doing things until there's a bit of paper telling them to do it.


  1. 'peripatetic' is a wonderful word! Sifr's good too.

    It's probably best not to mention 'contract' or 'signature' until you have them firmly in hand and learning. Then they'll sign ... dotted line ot not. 'nuff said.

    Good luck and all that. :)

    PS 'phooidd' (word verification) is a pretty woody word, too.

  2. I've a feeling that it's just the summer heat that's throwing everyone just a bit off kilter. By the end of the week, things should return to normal.

    Perhaps this is an opportunity to tweak your lesson plans/business model and refine some of the services you offer.

  3. I vote for "Legopolis". (I know, big surprise there. I am aware that there is life beyond Doctor Who... I'm just not very interested in it.)

    Hang in there. If you build it, they will come. (Hey, it worked in that film.)