Wise Wednesday - 7


  1. Awesome quotes this time. This kind of stuff is why I'm a sci-fi geek.

  2. Thanks. There's no deliberate theme to the quotes - there's 100 of them, randomly shuffled.

    But this weeks' ones was a good selection, perhaps even with an accidental theme.

    I think JG Ballard was right - if you want to write about the present, you've got to use sci-fi.

    (BTW, the word verification: Slyboys. Hmmm)

  3. You work like a bitch
    So you can get rich
    But the boss gets richer
    off you

    Ah, the lament of prostitutes everywhere...damned pimps always taking their money.

  4. @Eroswings:

    "You work like a bitch"

    Ah, the lament of prostitutes everywhere

    Maybe: You work it like a bitch....