Freezeframe Friday - Annoyed Edition

Today's freezeframes are...irritating.


  1. Lady in Pic 2 passes gas.

    Lady in Pic 3 smells it as asks: Who farted?

    Guy in Pic 1 replies: She who smelt it, dealt it!

  2. Alan Davies seems to be very dismissive of that $100 bill behind him.

  3. Thank you, Household Goddess.

    I couldn't remember his name other than to say "that Brit with the lisp".

    But that could be Jonathan Ross.

    Although it's not so much a lisp as an Elmer Fudd-ish way of speaking.

    I've gone right off the rails here, haven't I?

  4. @Eroswings: Hmmm. I'm noticing a certain recurring theme in your comments :-).

    @Household Goddess: Well, being Johnathan Creek, it's probably a vital clue to the highly improbable solution to the mystery of Stephen Fry's disappearance.

    ...which, because it's so devious, hasn't happened yet.