Dirt Nap

A song I wrote for this week's SongFight, nominally entitled "Dirt Nap", but didn't have time to record before the deadline.

It's on the pile of songs to record...sometime. Under some different title.

Verse 1:
Forward to the future, where
Everything's clean, and
Work's a word for anything
Done by machine, got to
Get away.

Backward to a childhood, where
Everything's new, with
So much time to do it all and
Nothing to do, got to
Get away.

Running from, running to
Sleep in the gutter with
Me tonight
Freedom from, freedom to
Wish upon a satellite

Verse 2:
Some old show on TV, a
Simpler world, the
Hero kills the bad guy, and
Kisses the girl, got to
Find a way.

Try a foreign country, ex-
-otic and strange
Evening flaming sunset, and
Life on the range, got to
Find a way.

Dream kitchen
Dream home
Dream lover
Yours alone

Glamorous job
Perfect wedding
Has to be a way

It's not often I misquote Billy Bragg :-).


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  2. I can't comment on Billy Bragg, but I really like the lyrics. A lot.