Ticking Over, Clocking Off

I am still here. There's just been no time to write anything.

However, here's the short version of the last 48 hours:

  • Day spent repairing computer A, 12 hours before it developed a different fault, and needed urgently replacing.
  • Night spent repairing computer B to replace A, before it developed a video card fault.
  • Morning spent repairing computer C to replace B (or A), before it developed a hard drive fault.
  • Afternoon spent getting computer D working to replece C (or B, or A). Astonishingly, it hasn't broken down yet.
  • Now...ZZZZzzzzz.


  1. WAKE UP!!! Computers E to Z require urgent attention! :P

  2. While you were sleeping, Infomaniac has disappeared! Blogger deleted it without warning to MJ. We're posting multiple requests to get Blogger to investigate the disappearance and restore Infomaniac (and all of MJ's comments).

    Good luck with fixing all the computers. I may have to purchase a new one sometime at the end of the year...maybe.

  3. @Camy: I've a horrible feeling you're right.

    Or it might just be indigestion.

    @Eroswings: Blogger being typically hamfisted, and typically bureaucratic in getting a hamfisted decision reversed.

  4. @MJ:

    You always were the queen of sighs.