Sing the Changes

The forth of July. Not exactly Independence Day - if anything, the opposite - but certainly a day of things planned to change.

First, it's the day the jobcentre want me to start their fake 'training course'.

Second, by a staggering coincidence, it's also the day I'm starting work as a self-employed teacher. Premisesless and peripatetic, walking/bicycling/busing to wherever the students are, teaching in homes, parks, libraries or for that matter pavements.

I will still have to fill out the 'training course' paperwork, followed immediately by the 'leaving so you can shove your training course up your bureaucracy in triplicate' paperwork. This is normal.

Nearly everyone who, a week ago, definitely and absolutely wanted my reasonably priced services, has now developed unspecified other commitments. Or toxic levels of vagueness. Or an inability to answer the telephone. This is also normal.

But there's two students lined up to start right away - one of who is very sweet and I'm pretty sure is, um, 'family' - and two more want to start later.

And the third's the start of the 50/90 challenge. Write and record fifty songs in ninety days.

Not that I've got a hope in hell of doing anything like that much, but I've got a set of drum sounds, a set of simple virtual synths, a small lake of samples...and one or two nebulous ideas for songs.


  1. You will be sharing some of these songs with us, won't you?

  2. Of course. At the moment I'm having trouble just hitting the right notes, so I think a crash course in "not being out of tune" is called for before any recording.