Wise Wednesday - 6


  1. Good quotes this week. I especially like the one about never recovering from childhood. So true. I'd be a much more stable person if I'd been rasied by wolves.

  2. However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results

    ~Winston Churchill

    And these words were never truer than the atrocities committed by blogger this week in eliminating Infomaniac and Leni Qinan's blogs. I'd like to thank you and everyone else who participated in our group efforts to restore Infomaniac. Our combined community efforts to spread the word and post multiple help threads at Blogger Forum paid off. Usually, it takes Blogger 2 to 3 business days to restore a blog according to protocol. We managed to get their attention and restore Infomaniac in a weekend!

    And while we scored a great victory, the war still wages on, and our strategy needs a little fine tuning. Now we are focusing our campaign to restore MJ's and Leni's comments--old and new--to our blogs and theirs, too. So keep up the good work people! Our hard work is getting positive results!