How to change your phone:

(1) Walk to the phone shop and tell the nice assistants why you hate your phone.

(2) Listen while they tell you it's your fault for choosing it.

(3) Ask for a replacement for the duff SD card they sold you.

4) Sit and chat for half an hour while they check that, yes, it really won't take files or format.

5) Sit for an additional fifteen minutes while they chat with their techie friends who drop by the shop.

6) Watch the amazement as they find that, yes, the card doesn't work, just like you said.

7) Sit and chat again for another half hour while they find a new one and check that it works.

8) Get told that you can swap the phone you hate for one you might not.

9) Walk home to research and think in peace about which phone you want to swap with.

10) Make your decision and start to walk back to the shop

11) Remember that you need to take the box and accessories of the old phone too, and walk back home to get them.

12) Walk to the shop again, wait for fifteen minutes while the queue of customers is seen to, and name the phone you want.

13) Get told several times it's an excellent choice...and it's out of stock. But it should be available tomorrow.

UPDATE: 14) Walk back in the rain the next day, to be told there's no record of a replacement phone being ordered. But it should be available tomorrow.


  1. Breathe in....breathe out and relaaaxxx.

    I thought it was just me who wanted to commit murder in Mobile Phone shops.

  2. I have an old Motorola phone--not a smart one, but it works well enough for me. I've dropped it and had it break into pieces, but I've been able to put it back together with no problems. Still works fine.

    It has mp3 and camera capabilities, but I already have a mp3 player and a camera. Mostly, I use it for emergency calls. But I'm thinking of getting another phone--the pre paid kind, as I don't even use half the minutes on my plan. And my contract's been up for years; just paying the same monthly plan for service. Hope you get a nice phone. Maybe for the next one, I'll get something hardy and waterproof so I won't have to worry about it outdoors or on the beach.

  3. Glad you're on the way to getting it sorted. :o)