Distort That Tart in My Nub

"Blinded by the light.
Wrapped up like a douche
another runner in the night"
- What I've been hearing all my life

"Blinded by the light.
Revved up like a deuce,
another runner in the night."
- What Manfred Mann is actually singing, in Blinded by the Light

"Go and get stuff.
Go and get stuff.
Go and get rough."
- What I now can't help hearing

"Going gets tough.
Going gets tough.
Going gets rough."
- What Billy Ocean actually sings in When the going gets tough

"The name was Paddy,
But now he's gay."
- What I hear

"Your name was Patty,
But now it's Kay."
- What Alexander O'Neal actually sings in Fake

"J'suis Tu."
- What I hear

"Just we two."
- What's actually sung bu Modern Talking, in Just We Two

1 comment:

  1. I heard “douche” for years too.

    And then there’s that Flashdance What a Feeling song.

    What I heard …

    Take your pants down
    And make it happen

    It’s really…

    Take your passion
    And make it happen