...in a Cocktail Bar

Today was the day I said "Right! No more distractions, no more helping people too lazy to learn how to use a computer, no more sitting in waiting rooms waiting for bureaucrats to fill out pointless forms, no more trying vainly to understand the wireless network or the arcane mysteries of PHP, no more prevaricating 'cos I woke up feeling like rubbish - I'm going to record a song!"

Actually that was yesterday, but today I actually did it. The result is...well, a rough demo, more than a little influenced by a certain famous track by The Human League. Here it is:

Kapitano - Come Home (Demo)

Shall I make a very rash promise to do another one tomorrow?


  1. Eurovision 2010.

    We can say we knew you when.

  2. @MJ: Eurovision 2010.

    We can say we knew you when.

    Thank you. I shall take that in precisely the spirit in which it was meant.

    I think if someone recommended me for Eurovision, I'd get seriously worries that I'd taken a wrong turn.

  3. I saw last year's Eurovision while I was on vacation! And it was fantastic! We were walking back from a late dinner, when we noticed that the usually noisy and boisterous club and bar patrons were quiet and glued to the tv. We went into one club and stayed to see Eurovision!

    And I luved the Norwegian winner from last year, with his violin and back up dancers! And it was hilarious watching some of those entries--like the masked ninja women singers from Armenia and the blue man dude in the Albanian entry. And what was up with the magic show from Germany? I'm just glad Turkey didn't win, because they sucked! And why was Israel in the competition? Aren't they in Asia?

    I have to say though, that your song would've been a way better entry than Jade--I hate to say it, but she was kinda blah, for me at Eurovision.

  4. In the UK, Eurovision has a following as a kind of annual night of camp.

    Almost no one takes it seriously, but you'll often find groups of gay men rapt in front of the TV, cheering for the most OTT acts. Some get quite, er, emotional about it.

    It's a pity you didn't see the 2007 contest - you missed this Ukranian transvestite. More here and here.

    Western Europe takes it much more seriously, as you say. Eastern Europe take it seriously in a different way - politically.

    As for Jade, I have absolutely no recollection. UK entries have a habit of being boring and coming last.