Two songs lyrics done - that's "done" in the sense of "complete song that I'll probably tinker with further but not completely rewrite". Here and here.

Plus notes for three others.

I haven't been as productive as I'd hoped, on account of 24-hour headaches. I get them at least once a week, and more often recently - they're not migraines, but it takes 2000mg of co-codomol to shift them. Which probably isn't good.

But now I think I know roughly what causes them. It' bedroom! The place where I compute, live, eat, and infrequently sleep. Whenever I sleep anywhere else, I miraculously don't wake up feeling like shit.

So I've got a new, temporary bedroom slash recording studio slash living space - while I clear my room of accumulated junk, dust, and I imagine, mouse droppings.


  1. 2000 mg? That can't be right ... i hope.

  2. Well, four 50/500mg tablets. Which is either 2000 or 200 mg, depending on how you slice it.

  3. Excellent job getting an early start on the spring cleaning!

    Now you can organize the stuff the way you want and clear out the clutter--donate, recycle, or chuck it!

    Hope your headache gets better.