There's a small discussion on political revolution over at Teenage Misanthropy.

As someone who's spent the last decade sitting in community centers with revolutionaries, I thought I'd give you an insight into what it's all really about. In graphical form:

[Click it to big it]


  1. Click it to big it

    I love it when you talk dirty.

  2. Have you submitted it to

  3. I'd report your activities to the secret police, but they're too busy keeping those soccer and rugby hooligans in line. And of course, the next Twilight or Harry Potter film is coming out so they'll be busy keeping those screaming hordes of preteen girls from rioting during star sightings.

    I suspect the problem with current revolutionaries is that they don't really have anything at stake to motivate them to take action. It's hard to cry 'Revolution' when you're comfortable and haven't lost anything meaningful.

    Really, the meetings sound more like a book discussion on the same material, only everyone repeats the same stuff and try to pass it off as something new!

  4. What, no mention of 'whose round is it next?' then? Clearly you attend the wrong meetings, my dear Krapitano - or at the wrong places.

    We at the Southern Proletariat Lesbian Union for Revolutionary Justice (SPLURJ) always used to meet in a room above that big pub opposite Clapham Common station. Didn't I see you there one night, several years ago, snogging with the Chair...?