Day's Data - Part 17

0930: The idea of structuring your life around media broadcasts now seems hopelessly restrictive.

You don't have to read newspapers at particular times, so why should you have to tune in to the TV news at a particular time? The only reason for insisting that you get this information at that time is...that the technology doesn't exist to make it any other way. Which now it does.

I look forward to a time when all the radio stations have become podcasters. You want the dance music show? Have it when you feel like energetic music. You want the drivetime show? Have it when you're actually driving.

It would be less of a transformation for TV channels - because most of them show repeats of stuff you've already seen anyway.

Unless you think I'm mad for using a software gizmo to download a supposedly "stream only" music show so I can listen to it five minutes later. Here it is - my current favourite music not-exactly-podcast.


  1. Speaking as someone who suffers from insomnia, I listen to a lot of podcasts.

    I especially enjoy listening to author interviews on this programme.

  2. That's a lot of listening. Looks interesting, bookmarked.

    I trust Informanic, being a cultured sort of mistress, listens to the show in French too.

    (I can manage written French - provided I pretend it's Spanish. Not that I can speak Spanish either.)