Day's Data - Part 5

0055: Idea for a murder mystery, got tangentially from the review comments.

A will is written with labyrinthine terms and conditions, such that if two family members die in the right order, the youngest son gets the deceased's fortune. This is probably just an unintended consequence of the will being so complex - as when a program works perfectly but produces an unexpected result.

One of the family members is murdered, and the detective figures out the culprit and the motive. But makes a deal with the murderer to derail the investigation in return for a slice of the fortune - and helps to arrange an alibi for the second murder that will net him that slice.

Years later, a second detective investigates the apparant incompetence of the first - who was of course killed in a mysterious "accident" before he could start blackmailing the killer.

1 comment:

  1. Well, now it's no mystery now that you've shared the plot!

    Is the second detective an old lady or a Belgian? Perhaps two Englishmen who live together, one being a doctor and the other being an expert when it comes to smoking pipes?