Day's Data - Part 19

1800: What's nicer than waking up and luxuriating in bed for an extra hour because there's nothing urgent that needs to be done?

Answer: Waking up and luxuriating in bed because, although there's always something that needs to be done, it's just too nice.

But there's always something that needs to be done. In this case there's someone who needs personal 1-to-1 tuition on how to use an email program's basic functions. Because they're too lazy to read the help file, too IT illiterate to understand it if they did, and too scared of computers to work it out for themselves by looking at menu options.

And in return they buy me an alcoholic beverage I don't really feel like, and tell me anecdotes I've heard too many times already. And that's the ballad of the long suffering computer geek.

In my own email box, China and Spain are silent as ever, but the Czech republic...are still passing my CV around. Jihlava have the vacancy filled, so they've passed my details on to Most. From which I conclude two things:

(1) "Urgent" means something different in TEFL from what it means in the rest of the world.

(2) Head office have yet to grasp that making decisions in parallel is quicker than doing it in series. How difficult is it to email two copies of a CV to different cities at the same time on the understanding that only one of them can have the teacher? To difficult for them, it seems.

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  1. Red tape is red tape in any country--even a formerly red one!