Day's Data - Part 20

1925: The bitch is back.

By which I mean...

We've got four dogs - three boys and a girl. The girl, Sadie, is 20 months old and goes into season about once every ten weeks - rather more often than is usual, but each time with the usual result of frantically whining and door-scratching boy dogs. Now, after being in season a little too often, she's finally "of marriageable ago". Old enough to make puppies!

Dog estrus lasts about three weeks - a week of hormonal buildup"
, a week of fertility, and a week of wind down, basically. Sadie's been staying with an old family friend for the first week...and now she's back and ready to breed.

So with any luck there'll soon be the patter of tiny feet in the Kapitano household.

In the meantime, I'm off to fix another computer. See you when I get back.

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