Day's Data - Part 2

0015-0020: Check RSS feeds.

I'm currently having my little Firefox plugin monitor 76 feeds.

  • 7 friends' blogs
  • 7 twitter accounts
  • 16 science blogs
  • 4 politics blogs
  • 19 music podcasts
  • 5 short story podcasts
  • 3 blogs about linguistics
  • the inevitable 11 in the "Misc" category, and...
  • 13 podcasts on politics and science - though I think I'll cut down on both.

Even people with a great deal of good stuff to say seem to feel the need to whitter on as though they were presenting a "light" afternoon chatshow.

Plus most people speak at 150-200 words per minute, and I can get my reading speed up to 1000 - the benefits of some intensive-but-inconclusive research on speedreading a decade ago. 400wpm is a good comfortable speed for anyone who reads a lot professionally - or has 76 RSS feeeds.

Of course, it took rather longer to write all that than to check the updates - and find nothing special.


  1. People chatter to fill in the uncomfortable silences.

    I have no clue how fast I can read or speak, but last I checked, I can type 36 words per minute. I was one of the slowest typists in typing class in high school!

  2. I’m one of those pathetic people who have to read every word – I think it’s a combination of dyslexia and an improperly wired brain.