There are three kinds of people.

  • Those who think everything's okay.
  • Those who know there's something deeply and fundamentally wrong with the world, but have only the haziest idea what it could be.
  • Those who have a very clear and definite idea what's wrong, and what to do about it. Half of these are mad, a few startlingly sane.

The complacent, the worried, and the troublemakers.

Most people are worried. I was going to be a troublemaker, but I never had the patience.


  1. I've just started in on the wine.

    Is there a category for that?

  2. You could definitely be a troublemaker. If there weren't other things so much more fun.

  3. Okay, people number one are obviously on drugs.

    People number two need to up their drug intake.

    People number three either need to start taking drugs or need to stop.