Fat Chance

Fat Burning Furnace is a weight loss book being marketed all over the internet. The gist of it is "Do a 15 minute superintense workout every day, and eat sensibly" - as opposed to "Spend 3 hours a day going gently on the treadmill and follow this diet religiously for a year".

If you want more detail you can go to the website and pay USD70 for book and videos...or you can use YouTube and Google to look up high intensity exercises and your own common sense about food. Your choice.

Now, the usual way to market this kind of thing on the net is to post hundreds of "reviews" everywhere you can - including specially created blogs - all seemingly written by the same ad executive who doesn't realise real people don't write in advertising cliches, and doing little more than link to the site.

Which is written in the same irritating upbeat style, making suspiciously rash but vague promises, page after page.

"Rob, being in the medical field I was skeptical of your procedures...Since I purchased your books and followed the regime I've lost 20 kg (44 lbs.)..."

"Skyrocket your energy!"
"Boost your immune system!"
"Flatten that tummy... or better yet, get that six pack!"

"... My body fat went down from 22% to 18%, hips 33” to 31”, and waist 29.8” to 28”!"

"No restrictive diets."
"A total body transformation!"
"You're melting fat 24/7!"

"...In the last 8 weeks I have lost a total of 7.5 inches...Thighs 2 inches, bottom 2 inches, hips 1.5 inches, stomach 2 inches!"

If you're stupid enough to fall for that, you're too stupid to blink without guidance - but apparently some people are.

There are a few genuine reviews, which the promoters have found and left comments on - in that same irritating style.

"I lost 3″ from my waist, 2″ from my hips, and 3.5″ from my chest. I can get into my skinny shorts again, and I feel great!"

And then the scammers get sneakier. And you know what's stupider than a stupid person? It's a stupid person trying to be smart. Here, that means posting more reviews that claim to be exposés of the scam...that are also written in that irritating ad-exec style, and repeat the rash but vague promises, and never get around to being pretend-critical.

This, from FatBurningFurnaceScam.Com:

"Man, I could go on and on with praise for the exercises Rob taught me. I thought exercises were just to burn calories, but these exercises took my metabolism and set it on fire."

"I’m still following the program to lose even more weight, but my life has already taken a dramatic turn for the better."

"You can become a member of Fat Burning Furnace at a discounted price through the link below."

Yes, it really is called "Fat Burning Furnace Scam", and it really is that crude.

Honestly, sometimes I just despair at the human race. Predatory scum on one side, and on the other a sea of mooing cabbages who can't spot an obvious lie even after it's bitten them for the hundredth time.


  1. Well, if people are stupid enough to fall for those scams, hopefully, they're also too stupid to reproduce. The gene pool could use less idiots.

    I'd like to think that those predatory scum serve to cull the human herd so only the fittest and smart survive.

  2. Wow. These people have spammed the first three pages of Google results with their "testimonials." Each review, in turn, has a link to the writer's website. Amazing! We should call this the Harry Potter diet - it's magic!

  3. This is marketing. Without hype you can not sell anything. It is immaterial whether vwe like it or not. Actually the method does work and bound to work as it recommends proper diet, exercise, sleep, meditation, developing positive attitude etc. Tell me if you follow all these you ought to lose some fat.