Facepalm Friday - Homomarxian Edition

What happens if you type "gay marxist" into google's blog search engine? You get a lot of intelligent, informed, rational discussion.

Oh alright then, you get this:

"Teaching about homosexuality translates as the promotion of homosexuality"
- British Nationalist, a nazi blog which opposes teaching about the holocaust - presumably because that would promote the building of gas ovens.

"Marx wanted to abolish marriage."
- The Agonist, forgetting that Marx was married. Engels did in fact show where the idea of the modern nuclear family came from - but astonishingly didn't get a divorce because of it.

"You're gay marriage militants who want to impose your gay agenda - whose origin is straight Marxist - on a populations that doesn't want it."
- Western Standard, on how getting married is an act of insurrection.

"The Democratic Party has become nothing more than a Marxist front group"
- Conservative Rainbow, reviving the "Wag the Dog" theory of politics.

"In my fight against the gay agenda in Brazil, I do not have the support from any group as powerful as YWAM...All these antichrist Marxists ever have is these empty cliches ...They are all going to bring in the end of the world and bow to the Antichrist himself"
- Last Day Watchman, Ned Flanders' evil twin.

"Marxists do not care about “women's liberty.” They do not care about anybody's liberty. They support anything that can destabilize the West."
- Gates of Vienna, getting its stereotypes mixed up.

"Brazil Marxist Pres To Criminalize Anti-Gay Speech"
- The One All, revealing the hitherto unknown worker's revolution in Brazil.

"Postmodernism is a theoretical Marxist approach to cultural destabilization."
- New World University, on how a theory that capitalism can't be attacked anymore is a way to attack capitalism.

"Is the Gay Agenda, a Zionist NeoCon one?"
- Wake Up From Your Slumber, tying it all together.

"Barack Obama is a tall, angular, smooth-talking third-world denizen crypto-Marxist"
- Chicago Daily Observer, appealing to a birther readership.

"If Darwin is true, especially that Nature operates via Nurture (which no one disputes today), then where are the purported “alien social structures” of Marxist class and social struggle? Well, they cannot be “alien,” because our social structures are built upon our natural facts."
- Gay Species, failing basic evolutionary biology, writing like a 12 year old Ayn Rand, and evidently thinking sociology is the study of genetics.

"Obama is a MARXIST gay, which means he wants all the gay bars and bath houses to be in the hands of the federal government"
- commenter on Ed Cone, providing my favourite comment and finishing this selection.

Oh I almost forgot...



  1. That's the problem with free speech--even the idiots have a say! What happened to the good old days when we rounded them up and put them in the nut houses?

  2. It was cruel to build prisons for the mad. So now we let them build their own prisons - websites, ranting blogs, astroturf groups, and meeting halls where they shout, cry and plot against the government - and each other.

    It'd all work pretty well, if only government hadn't become another asylum.