I've just watched David Lynch's Rabbits - available here or in episodes here.

I may never be able to watch sitcoms again. Genius.


  1. I must be drunk--or not drunk enough--to appreciate the humor. That was weird! Although, I have to admit, that while I do enjoy a smart comedy, I really laugh out loud to low brow, politically incorrect, outrageous, silly, locker room jokes type humor, like Airplane or The Naked Gun or the Scary Movie franchise.

  2. I think anyone who did laugh would be the weird one. But watching Lynch movies drunk...I'll have to try that.

    With the Naked Gun and Airplane movies, I always see-sawed from minute to minute - either impressed by the inventiveness of one joke, or irritated by how hamfisted another one was.

    But if you want unPC humour, the other Lynch series at the youtube link should be worth a look.