I could make a blog out of the things I find in the street. This chair, an old laptop, a CD player, a soccer shirt, several scarves, and a two foot long Daffy Duck - now a favourite toy of the dogs - amongst other things.

There was once a complete toolkit - spanners, screwdrivers, a spirit level and various tools that I'm not quite sure what they do, all in a neat compartmentalised shoulderbag. Of course, usually it's just a hat or the inevitable single glove.

Today though, a pillow. I'm not sure why someone would leave a pillow on the pavement, but seeing as I could do with a little extra height on the revovered chair to reach the found laptop, it's come in useful.

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  1. Awesome finds!

    I can't remember the last time I found anything interesting on the streets--other than trash and crazy people. I need to find better streets.