That film night/party/fund-raiser last night - with lots of food and
drink. And that jeans size I went down last week.

Yes, I'm back to normal. And there's four different kinds of cheese in
the fridge that no one else seemed to want.

With luck, one of them will give me food poisoning again so I can go
back down a size.


  1. Did you actually have a film to go with all that food and drink?

  2. Er...there's was a short film, but I didn't get to see it. I was in the garden, comparing failed lovelives with an old friend.

    Who, annoyingly, has a non-failing lovelife right now. Which I think is jolly inconsiderate of the rest of us.

  3. I agree. How dare anyone else enjoy themselves when I ain't getting any!

  4. I hope you have crackers to go with them cheese! Or maybe make a sandwich.

  5. throw out the cheese and skip the food poisoning, sugar! xooxo