How many email addresses have you got? I've got nine currently active. Some of them seemed good ideas at the time.


  1. I have four! I had more, but I forgot the passwords or the usernames :)

  2. Oh yes, done that a few times. And sometimes found the "cryptic question" that I'd set to release the password...was a little too cryptic.

    Ah, and I just found about one I'd completely forgotten about.

  3. I've got seven.

    1. Personal Email (Main)
    2. Personal Email (An old Hotmail account that I used until I moved to #1 because it was better)
    3. University Email (Used for Job Searches/Business)
    4. Archive for Blog messages and priority business messaging and online purchases.
    5. Reserved for sign ups and messaging from companies that I want to take advantage of offers/info but don't care for them to have immediate access to me which numbers 1 & 4 give.
    6. An old account attached to my gay blog which I used to have. Now it serves for social networks with the exception of Facebook.
    7. Porn account.

  4. More organised than my set.

    2)Used for receiving occasional emailed updates about services
    3)Hotmail - was for general use, now obsolete
    4)Hotmail - was for the hookup site, now obsolete
    5)For Skype and LastFM
    6)Used for a certain hookup site
    7) Was intended for one-time signups, but now unused
    8) Used for yahoogroups
    9 & 10) Created for social networking sites, which I no longer use.

    The reason I don't need the 'signup' account is I now use Mailinator. Give it a try if you don't know it.

  5. Eight active accounts:
    1. Work email
    2. University email
    3. Main personal account
    4. Shared email account with ex
    5. Account for online purchases
    6. Account linked to my blog
    7. Account linked to my alter-ego blogs (the ones that are okay for friends/family to look at)
    8. Account linked to the website I inherited.

    Six inactive accounts that I can think of, but there might be more.