Mother's a beta tester for Windows 7. Having spent an half an hour just figuring out how to set up the screen icons, I can reveal that it combines the annoying graphics of Vista with the annoying misorganisation of Vista and the annoying unconfigurability of bloody Vista.

It also takes up 7.31GB, and seems designed around the notion that the most important thing computers do is receive streamed video. This from the company that's trying to oust Google five years too late, with an inferior search engine.

Typical Microsoft.


  1. Well, I hope it's better than the last version, or it's Hasta la Vista!

  2. Some companies seem so large and dominant it doesn't matter how many times they mess up - they still stay on top.

    Not that they stay on top permanantly. IBM was once like that - incompetent and apparently unassailable.

    Anyway, I'm sticking with XP - my home rolled version, which is 750MB, including all the codecs, drivers and stuff.