Hurdy Gurdy

More Swedish synthpop: A Blue Ocean Dream

I do seem to like Swedish music.

And Swedish politics too.

Here are some search terms by which surfers found my blog recently. Illustrated - or not - with visual aids.

* Girls showing tits for money

(I do have some more appropriate images, but I thought a picture of John Wayne would be more...manly. Besides, this is a family blog. Anyone who's "family" can read it.)

* Mr Oogie Boogie

* erasing the past

* time travel

* cpgb (Communist Party of Great Britain)

(I may have over-represented their numbers here.)

* dragosea din te esperanto

* im just a poor boy duo

(Alternative caption: Malfunction! Malfunction!)

* beyond money

* bein pensant

There might have been more, but for computer problems.


  1. Ah, ABBA, the best thing to come out of Sweden since meatballs and IKEA!

  2. That's quite the moose knuckle on John Wayne.

  3. Eroswings: If I had to chose between Abba and's the meatballs every time.

    MJ: Ha! We call it Camel Toe. Thought you'd appreciate it.

  4. Camel Toe on John Wayne manly? Mama Mia!