1000: Beyond Reality

This is a film I made in 2001.

It's a twenty three minute spoof documentary on alien abduction, ex-gay therapy cults, the paranormal, conspiracy theories and all such lovely sillyness. Including an equally silly advert break.

It features a number of friends who said and did some very dumb things on camera, for no more payment than seeing themselves do it on TV. One provided some splendidly pointless "Brass Eye" type graphics, and I learned far too much about compositing, chromakey theory and woodwork in production.

It also features me doing some peculiar voices. Perhaps thankfully, there was no time to film the segment showing me as a lascivious theoretical physicist with a speech synthesiser.

The studio/display space was a ten foot cube, painted bright blue inside and out. On opening night, I was also dressed and painted bright blue, much to the WTF-ness of certain drunk and/or stoned patrons.

You'll probably miss some of the jokes as they wizz by - don't worry. One lecturer said it was "deep", another a "headfuck". It's also the only artwork I've ever sold - two copies for a pound each.

Look out for the subtitles.

Oh yes, and I got an MA degree for making it. Which just goes to show...something.

My thanks to:

* John Snape and Davina Chippendale - for helping me build the studio.

* Tim Evans - for being Maradona Boggs

* Denny Kittay - for being Ikea Caelocanth

* Slava Guskov - for being Supertramp Logicalsong

* Joe Ho - for being Han Ton Dekon

* Victoria Webber - for being the "Shooz" girl

* Linda Pickering - for being the "Chocolat" girl

* Stephen Plummer - for being Shaynussy O'Joyce, and for the animated graphics

* My friends of Stop The War for being the P.E.A.C.E organisation.

I hope you enjoy your trip "Beyond Reality".


  1. End of pt.1. I shall return later for pt.2.

    I’ve yet to be seduced by the alien lifestyle with its flashy saucers.

    And I most certainly do not watch Babylon 5 in the dark.

  2. Alien pride! Resist alien "therapy." It doesn't take anyway.

    Just hilarious.

  3. MJ:

    Watch out for the Men In Black. They're in part two.


    Why thank you very much. Not bad for a script written the night before and performed with no rehearsal.

    BTW, the Korean Antoine de Caunes character is telling the story of "Journey to the West", an old old spiritual story better known as...Monkey!".

  4. Funny but I have to agree with one of your lecturers, it's a bit of a 'headfuck'

  5. You know, I kept expecting the Tardis or a Stargate to pop up. The music is a nice touch. The narrating voice sounds like I'm watching a nature show; or listening to a song similar to that Wear Sunscreen one; or sounds like the narrator's voice from Sponge Bob Square Pants.

    Nice job. That was entertaining.

  6. Hardhouse:
    it's a bit of a 'headfuck'

    Oh I wanted to go a lot further.


    Thankyou. I actually was a proper voiceover "artist" briefly - on a radio advert for an album.

    The advert was never broadcast, I was never paid, the company that bought the airtime only existed on paper, and so far as I know the album was never released.

    This was all a few weeks before I started blogging. I've never actually watched spongebob - maybe I should, to find out what my voice sounds like.